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A PeopleSoft ERP Consulting Team

Business Technologists who are specialists in

PeopleSoft, ERP, and corporate accounting!

The Business -Techheads

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Hi ya!

We are a two-person team of senior, techno-functional, PeopleSoft
ERP consultants. We have been working as an consulting team for
over 20 years (doing PeopleSoft ERP consulting for 7 of those years).
That is, we are business technologists who do PeopleSoft projects on
a contractual, consulting basis for Fortune 1000 companies, usually
through one of several, excellent technical service firms. We have
specialized in corporate accounting (i.e., payroll and the financials),
especially time and labor, the payroll interfaces, general ledger,
accounts payable, asset management, and accounts receivable.

We have had extensive experience working on PeopleSoft HRMS and
Financial projects (implementations, customizations, and upgrades for versions
1.2, 3.x, 5.x, 7.x, 7.5x, and 8.x)
. Plus, even before our seven years of
working on PeopleSoft ERP systems, we worked for many years as
techno-functional consultants building customized ERP-type systems
(i.e., integrated, online, database-oriented business systems).

We are senior business technologists (otherwise called: functional analysts,
business analysts, systems analysts, and business process engineers)
. So, in other
words, a business technologist is a person has the business expertise,
the technology expertise, and the people skills required to effectively
communicate with both businesspeople and IT professionals in order to
define, design, and implement technology-assisted, strategic business

Now, not only are we senior, functional ERP consultants, but we also
have strong technical skills, since we have had extensive experience
developing ERP systems using PeopleTools, PeopleCode, COBOL
(PeopleSoft, IBM, and Micro Focus), SQR, Application Engine, Windows
(3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000), Unix, JCL, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports,
nVision, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS-SQL/Server, SQLBase, XML,
Java, JSP, J2EE, EJBs, WebLogic, C/C++, Tuxedo, RUP/UML,
Visual Basic, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, CORBA, and scripting
languages (Perl, PHP, Data Mover, and Unix shell scripts).

It might interest you to know that we have written a number of articles
Click here to go to
our List of Articles
on ERP, project management, project teams,
functional analysis, and technical development.
You can view these articles by clicking on this
button to go check out a list of these articles.

We haven't been blessed with children, and have no other dependents,
so we can easily travel to a client's site focus our attention on our
client's needs with few distractions or external obligations and if
necessary, work long hours in order to quickly get a beautiful system
up and running, and into production. Plus, after work we never get
lonely, since right there with us, we have our spouse, best friend, and
teammate all rolled into one! So therefore, we say:

the modern Paladins

Being well-practiced Road Warriors, sojourners on this earth,
efficiency experts, and problem solvers, we have streamlined our
lives for this lifestyle, such that we enjoy it, and are good at handling
constant change, new people, new situations, and peculiar problems.

Most traveling consultants work a four-day week; then spend the long
weekend traveling to home and back only to come back all worn out
on Monday. On the other hand, we work the standard five-day week,
spend the weekend resting and relaxing, and come back all charged up
and ready to work. This latter lifestyle is far more productive, lower in
expenses, healthier, and more sustainable over an extended period.

Please note too, we do not fail using talent, skill, and persistence,
we have completed EVERY major and minor project that we've started,
putting 21 straight major projects into production over our years
as a team of business-techhead consultants. Plus, being professional
consultants, we have been given a number of projects that, either no
one else wanted, or could do. We were brought in as professional
to take the blame on these impossible or failed
projects. However, we like challenges . . . and were just too naive
to know that we were suppose to fail, so we would blindly forge
ahead, and quietly and efficiently do whatever it took to get each
and every one of these projects successfully into production.

As you've likely noticed, we're not slackers a former manager
told us, based on the project that we had just completed for him, that
he believed that our two-person team could easily outperform, at least,
five regular architect/developers. However, more recently, on a team
of eleven (at FedEx) our two-person sub-team completed more work than
all of the other nine team members combined.

Yet, in no way, are we prima donnas sure, we're hotshot
business-techheads, but we're also teamworkers, team-makers, and
mentors. Plus, we've been described by still another of our former
managers as low-maintenance. But then, of course we are it's
part of our philosophy:

We're brought in to solve problems, NOT cause them!

Currently, we are putting the finishing touches on an n-tier network
banking package for Centuria Corporation (www.Centuria.net). This
package is an e-business (intranet/internet), EAI (enterprise application
banking system, which is written in Java, and centered
around the simple, speedy, and very scalable XBL (XML-based)
rules-engine (our development) as its nucleus, and an RDBMS on the
back-end.nbsp Plus, this back-end RDBMS can either be the bank's main
relational database, or a branch database that is then automatically
ETLed (extracted, transformed, and loaded) nightly into the bank's data

Centuria has already sold and installed this package in several
large banks in the Spanish-speaking world. These banks were also
customers of Centuria's Y2K Centurian Solution (our innovation) and
of Centuria's Y2K remediation service, which used the automated,
artificial intelligence remediator Q-mation (our development).

Of course, some people didn't want a Y2K solution, as they wanted
to scrap their legacy systems in favor of a standardized ERP solution.
So, since the Centurian Solution and its automated remediator were
up and running, no longer requiring our attention, we hit the road and
did PeopleSoft implementations and customizations (7.x and 7.5x) through
Centuria for these people. Then later, after January 2000, we did still
another PeopleSoft implementation (8.12), plus another upgrade (to 8.3).

Centuria had a popular Web site (another of our developments), but has
recently dropped this intricate and informative, 125-page site, since
the company is in the process of being sold and merged into a global
banking software and hardware supplier which is headquartered in
the Caribbean.

However, if you're interested in learning more about our innovative
Click here to go to
the XBL Web site
XBL rules-engine, you can read all about it over
on its own Web site (www.XBL2.com). And oh, by
the way, XBL is an acronym that stands for
EXtensible Business Logic Language.

Plus, the XBL Web site also talks about JiffyBeans, which are
our set of standardized, fill-in-the-blanks, Designer Enterprise
JavaBeans (EJBs), that can be used to make component development
both FAST and EASY. Using this rules-engine, together with these
JiffyBeans, is a great way to do EAI (enterprise application integration)
and both enterprise and e-business middleware.

To greatly enhance speed and scalability, the Centurian Banking
, the XBL rules-engine, and these JiffyBeans, all use
JiffyCode (our development), which is a group of powerful Java
classes. These Java classes are APIs (application programming
which have the capabilities of String, StringBuffer,
StringTokenizer, Character, NumberFormat, Date, Map,
, and XML, plus there's even one for handling e-business
forms automation. However, these JiffyCode classes are much
Click here to go to
the JiffyCode site
. You can learn more about the breadth,
depth, and speed of this JiffyCode by going
to its huge, detailed Web site (www.JiffyCode.com).

Plus, if you are into wireless business applications with Java, or are
just interested in C/C++-type efficiency with Java, you might want to
check out our J2WE Web site (www.J2WE.org). This site tells about
the Java bullets (i.e., small, fast, hardened, static, public classes) that we
Click here to go to
the J2WE Web site
have developed for the J2ME environment
(CLDC/MIDP) to handle decimal math, text
manipulation, text/numbers morphing, and
collections, such as bags (i.e., lists), sets, and

We also recently completed the creation of a unique Web site for the
Christian Bible Society (www.ChristianBibleSociety.org). They had many
special requirements, including dynamic formatting, frame-breaking,
simplified and flexible page display, positive user interaction, reusable
Click here for the
Bible Society's site
content, fast response times, low server
overhead, etc. . . . which we solved with
sophisticated, object-oriented Web page
design using CGI (SSI Perl), JavaScript,
and Dynamic HTML.
Click here to go to
the Biz-Beans site

Plus, we currently have over twenty Java
modules being showcased on Biz-Beans
(www.Biz-Beans.com), the premier Web site
for Enterprise Java software.

So anyway, if you've got a PeopleSoft project that could use a couple
of industrious, success-driven business-techheads, please don't
hesitate to contact us, since we should soon be in the market for an
exciting, new project.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day!


Alan (Smiley) and Kathy (Happy) Donaldson

The Business-Techheads at Business-Techheads.com

3125 S. Mendenhall, #131
Memphis, TN. 38115-2827

E-mail: Team@Business-Techheads.com

The Business -Techheads

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